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First State Web Designs provides complete web design and hosting services. This begins with defining the purpose of your web site. Then we gain understanding of the environment in which you wish to host your new site. Finally we design the look and feel you require and then implement that in your environment. Read more...


Qualifying nonprofit organizations receive a discount.


New Site design:
$75 per page (includes your photos and/or graphics and one form)

Site Redesign:
$65 per hour

Site Maintenance outside of hosting plans:
$65 per hour


Personal Web Hosting & Small Business Web Hosting
($50.00 per month, includes weekly updates)

2 GB Hard Disk Storage
500 POP3 Email Accounts
Email List Server
40 GB Monthly Transfer


First State Web Designs provides web hosting support. Your web site will be posted to the web server of your choice or we can suggest a hosting company for you. There is no additional cost for this service. We can simply send you the site on disk and you can upload it yourself. This is assuming you have an existing account with an ISP. Most dial-up accounts come with server space for your web site, usually 5 megs. If your not experienced with FTP and server uploads then we can do all that for you. We would need to have access to your account password in order to effect the upload and required maintenance. The second option is for us to host your site. We place it on a server and maintain it for you. This also allows you your own domain name i.e. You then access it though your regular ISP dial-up account. This service is not included in the standard packages, but is available as a separate charge. If you choose to have your site hosted by a paid web hosting service, you are responsible for all of the costs incurred. First State can provide you with assistance in obtaining a web host no additional cost.


Graphic images added to your web site are what make the Internet so dynamic. Our creativity is limited only by the HTML language used to publish the images and the hardware used to display them. While a web page may contain any number of images and other media, the practical aspects of viewing those images are of importance. The time is takes to load a page into a browser can be in direct proportion to the time a person viewing the page will be willing to wait. If the graphics are oversized and many on any particular page, the viewer may not be willing to take the time to wait for it to load. You may have the greatest looking site on the Internet but if no one is viewing your site would good is it? An image 3 kilobytes in size will load much faster than one 30 kilobytes. It is important then that the image size be kept to a minimum without losing image quality. This is always a trade off unfortunately. Equally important is to keep to number of images on a page to as few as possible. It may be a good idea sometimes to break up one page into to several files in order to get the information to load as quickly as possible. There are no hard and fast rules though. But we have the experience to find the middle ground between size and quality to make your pages interesting,expressive, and fast.

We have a wide selection of graphic elements to choose from for the creation of your site. However, if there is something special you need or want on your site we will be happy to create if for you. We can either scan an image you have, such as photographs, brochures, etc., or create one from scratch. If you have a drawing or outline or just a thought in your head we can digitize it for you.


Do you need a banner for your web site? We can design one that you will be able to use on all the popular banner exchanges or for use at the top of your own web site's page(s). You can also use the banner to exchange links with individual sites on a one to one basis. Most banner exchange services require either static or animated banners to be 400x40 and 7k less in size. Most also now allow either interlaced or non-interlaced formats. Some, such as Smart Clicks, allow the a file size as much as 400x50 at 10k. LinkExchange offers a 468x60 option with a file size of 10K. Of course, if you need a banner for your own pages these restrictions won't apply. You can be a creative as you wish. You can tell us what you want on your banner or we can do it all for you. We create static or animated banners in the standard sizes for banner advertising services in sizes between 400x40 pixels and 500x60 pixels; or we can create nonstandard banners for your own pages to your specifications up to 500x100 pixels.



Do you need a logo for your business or organization? We can develop one for you. A logo expresses visually who you are: what your business represents. It's not enough though for a logo to be visually appealing it must be memorable as well. It should, in an instant, convey the company's philosophy, their product or business, and a strong sense of style. It creates an image of your business you want conveyed to the world. We can create a logo for you that will express that image effectively.


For the first 15 days, maintenance on a newly developed web site is included in the design cost.

As your web site develops, you will find that there is always something new and/or different you want to do with your site. Perhaps you will need to make changes to the content on your site from time to time with special offers or sales. Maybe you will want to add a graphic or a link to another site. We will do periodic updates to your site either on a monthly basis or as needed. We keep a copy of your site, so all you need to do is contact us with the information you need changed and it can be updated on your site. If you would prefer to do all the maintenance yourself or have someone else do it for you, you are free to do so.

Turn Around Time for Modifications: Barring unforeseen circumstances, web site changes are done within 48 hours of receipt and understanding of the changes you require.