Nonprofit Organizations

First State Web Designs offers a discount for nonprofit organizations. Contact the Webmaster for more information or a price quote today!

Why First State Web Designs?

First State Web Designs is your best alternative at the lowset cost. You can choose one of our hosting and maintance plans or you may choose to pay an hourly rate. We do not charge a minimum so the time we spend it what you get charged.

First State Web Designs

First State Web Designs is an independent web design company owned and operated by Frank Strawser. Frank has more than 15 years of experience designing corporate web sites and elearning applications. First State Web Designs will design your banners and logos or use those already on your company’s letterhead or advertisements.

We will maintain your web site at minimal cost to you, charging only for the time worked on your upgrades or regular site maintenance.

We will assist you in obtaining your domain name if you do not have one and we will help you set up your web site and E-mail accounts.

Graphic images are very useful and will enhance the functionality and beauty of your web site.  First State Web Designs can also help you decide what is most appropriate for your particular business or personal web site. First State Web Designs is committed to providing quality web design services for individuals and small businesses to gain an Internet presence at affordable prices. 

Your web site can be custom designed or you can use one of our templates. Whatever your choice is, our web sites will give you the professional look you deserve without the additional cost.

First State Web Designs provides hosting service and support with various plans and packages. Check our services page for more information.